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The largest in the range, this stove offers our biggest fuel volume capacity and heat output for very large rooms and those who need a lot of heat.


  • Huge glass window offers the best possible view of the High Definition fire picture.
  • Adjustable feet, as fitted on all our freestanding models, facilitate installation on surfaces.
  • All our freestanding models require only a 12mm superimposed hearth extending underneath and
    230mm in front of the stove.
  • Stainless steel single air control lever not only looks fantastic but is cool to the touch, discreetly positioned
    and very easy to use.
  • Optional external air kit for direct connection to the outside, potentially eliminating the need for fixed
    exterior ventilators in the room.
  • Future-proof performance meets the proposed 2022 European Eco-Design Directive.

Purevision PV85