Stove Care For Summer

Summer Stove Care: May 2017: The fireplace New Mills

We are now in to our summer season and we have many plans ahead for the store as we look ahead to the coming winter. This is a great time for stove owners to give their stove a little TLC in preparation for winter. Whilst your stove is not in use on these warm days, why not give the stove a thorough clean and check for wear and tear?

We can supply many consumables such as door glass and rope and we carry many colours of stove paint in case you feel your stove needs a quick respray to revive its charm.

Stove Care Products & Accessories

Here at the Fire Place and the Stove Place, we have spent a lot of time talking to our suppliers, we always do this so that we can be sure we are supplying you with the best stove care products on the market.

As usual, our suppliers did not disappoint! Many of them have exciting new additions to their current ranges, be it stoves or stove care accessories. There will be new items appearing in our stores soon. Already we have added to our existing lines by incorporating a range of matches from Archivist.

Archivist Long Matches
Very Long Matches

These long length matches are perfect for lighting your stove and their oh-so-pretty packaging, mean they are an ideal mantle top accessory. They also make an ideal gift.

Stove accessories
The perfect accessories for your stove.

Stove Top Coffee Pots

In addition to this, one of our customers suggested that we started to carry a range of stove top coffee makers. We currently have some of the three and six cup sizes available and in a range of cheerful colours to brighten your stove top, and the aroma is divine!

So don’t delay, pop down to our showrooms today and pick up the bits you need, when it get’s cold again you’ll be ready.

The Stove Place Leek

The Stove Place Leek:  Clearview Showroom for the Staffordshire Moorlands – Kevin Robinson

After several months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that the Stove Place Leek is now open and Situated at 16 Market Place, Leek.  Located next to the ‘Sweetly-scented Candle Shop’ and opposite the deliciously indulgent ‘Pronto delicatessen‘.

Stove Place Leek


Our new Stove Showroom in Leek is currently awaiting new signage due to our listed building status. The signs will be in place shortly. Don’t let that stop you visiting us; we are open and looking forward to meeting you.

So far, we have received the warmest of welcomes by customers and local traders across the Staffordshire Moorlands. We have enjoyed participating in the ‘Totally Locally’ event; what a friendly town Leek is!

When you visit us, you’re in for a treat. We stock a great range of Stoves and related items which will help you maintain and enhance your stove. Clearview Stoves are arguably the premier stove range on the market today. Within the Clearview collection are a number of stoves ranging from 5-14kw in a choice of seven colours which will compliment every taste and style of home.

Clearview Stoves come to Leek

The quality of a Clearview stove is unrivalled. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Shropshire, Clearview is a truly British Brand.  We feel that this sets them apart from many other manufacturers because Clearview stoves are built using British made components, this means you will be able to source replacement parts for years to come.

With that in mind, if you are already a Clearview owner, we can supply you with parts such as stove paint, door glass and rope most of which we carry in stock so you can enjoy your stove at its best.

Our showroom has several of the Clearview models on display. Housed in the former inglenook of the entrance hall, we have a Clearview 650 and Vision 500. In our main room, you will see we have a live Pioneer 400P.

We light our stove all year round so we are able to demonstrate its beauty and controllability. The showroom also houses a number of other models,  in the seven colours and with various leg heights and fixing options. The Stove Place want to offer our customers the option to see as much of the range as possible to make the process of ordering as simple as possible.

Visit the Stove Place, Clearview Showroom, Leek

The Showroom is open Tuesday to Saturday 10-4 and we aim where possible to support the monthly ‘Totally Locally’ shopping event.  Jane, our showroom manager, is on hand to answer any questions, to demonstrate the stove and provide you with as much information as you require.  We look forward to meeting you.

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The High Peak’s Favourite Stove Shop

If you’re looking for a Stove Shop in the High Peak, look no further than ‘The Fire Place’, in New Mills. We sell the very best selection of wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

The Fire Place has been serving customers from across the Peak District. We regularly serve local customers from New Mills, Glossop, Chapel en le Frith, Buxton and now Leek.

Recently we have noticed that our reputation has travelled much further afield, with customers travelling from Sheffield, Stockport, Derby and Stoke on Trent.

Regardless of where you live, we have a stove to suit your tastes and needs.

We have beautiful stoves from the Clearview, Charnwood, Dunsley, Charlton & Jenrick, OER & Jydepejsen. The stoves all differ in design, we have modern looking stoves to suit the more contemporary home and more traditional stoves for that homely rustic feel.

Stove Shop near Stockport

50 Stoves in our Stove Shop Display

We have over 50 stoves on display, so if you want to come and see the stoves in person, you can.

The Fire Place always has a stove that can be lit to demonstrate burning and air wash features.

Whilst you are visiting our showroom, you can also browse our range of fantastic stove accessories such as wicker log baskets.  These baskets come in a range of sizes, and patterns.

Alternatively, you could browse our range of axes, and fire lighting equipment.

So why not come and see us? We’ll be happy to advise you. Pay us a visit today

The Old Bakery,
55-59 Albion Rd,
New Mills,
High Peak
SK22 3EX


UPDATE: New Stove Shop Opening in Leek, Staffordshire

We are pleased to announce that we are opening up a new shop to serve Leek, the Staffordshire Moorlands and Stoke on Trent.
The store is called The Stoveplace and will be exclusively offering Clearview Stoves.

To find out more about this exciting new venture be sure to call us for an update or visit the Stoveplace Facebook page

‘The Stoveplace
16 Market Place
ST13 5HJ
Tel: 01663 749700

OER Stoves With Coloured Doors

There are many different ranges of wood and multi-fuel stoves on the market, but what sets yours apart from the crowd?  OER stoves are truly different. Their elegant design and build quality is obvious to the eye, but there’s something else.  The doors on OER Stoves are a beautiful and unique selling point.

So now that the cold nights have arrived, there’s no better time to add a wood burning stove to your home and keep the chilly winter nights at bay.
You’ll be the envy of all your friends when they see the enamel coloured door.

When you buy an OER Stove, you don’t have to buy a dark, matt stove with a matching door, You can buy a stove with a coloured enamel door instead.  A range of the OER wood burning stoves can be purchased with the coloured doors, or you could buy extra coloured doors that can be added as a retrofit feature.

Coloured, Enamel Stove Doors

The stoves with the coloured doors are the OER 5, the OER 7,  OER Glenmore, OER Inset, Double sided multi fuel stove and the  OER gas stove.

OER Stoves with Coloured Doors
Buy a stove with a coloured door, or add an extra door later: Image courtesy of OER Fireplaces

OER Stoves Extra Features

Depending on the model that you choose,  the stoves come with the option to add a wooden handle in Oak, Walnut or standard Black. You can also choose high and low legs.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a splash of colour to match the theme of your room, and why stop at one extra door, after all, there are 4 seasons.

Buy Stove Accessories for Winter

It’s time to buy stove accessories now that the temperatures have started to drop. We’ve seen the first snows of the season. If you’ve been a little busy, now is the time to get your stove stocks in.

Buy stove accessories here at The Fireplace.  We have all those little accessories to help to keep your stove burning all winter.

Kindling Wood

Stove accessories


An essential part of any good fire is giving it a good start. You can, of course, chop up any dry wood and use it as kindling,  if you don’t have an axe or can’t do the chopping, we sell bundles of kindling sticks. So, if you’re running low, pick some up today, you can never have too much.

Kiln Dried Logs

Why not buy hardwood logs today from the Fireplace New Mills? We guarantee all our logs are totally dry and fully cured.

Logs for Wood Burners

We appreciate that you could buy logs almost anywhere, but it makes sense to pick up your logs from your stove supplier.  Choose guaranteed quality.

Log Storage Baskets

Let’s be honest, log storage isn’t the prettiest, but with a little creative style you can keep a batch of logs to hand for every fire that you build. We have a wide range of log baskets, perfect for storing your logs.

Wicker Baskets for Logs

We sell lightweight baskets for kindling, and more robust wicker log baskets.

Axes and Hatchets

If you have access to wood, the chance are you’ll need to split wood for your burner. If you’re tempted to buy a cheap axe, you’ll probably have to replace it regularly, or you’ll spend a lot of time sharpening it. Treat yourself to a decent axe. We stock a range of fantastic Helko Axes, perfect for splitting logs of all sizes.


Axes for Firewood & Kindling

Now that you have a good little shopping list, we look forward to seeing you soon. Remember, Winter is coming. Be prepared.

Welcome to our New Stove Website


Over the years, The Fire Place have worked hard to bring you the very best range of woodburning and multifuel stoves. So we are delighted to welcome you to our brand new website. We decided to have a change, so that we can keep you updated with all the latest stove news. The new site is now mobile friendly throughout, helping you choose stoves via your mobile or as well as your PC or

Trusted Stove Brands

As well as expanding our trusted brands such as Clearview, Charnwood, and Dunsley, we are continually monitoring other brands to ensure that you have the very best choice.  Over the years we have sold literally thousands of these stoves to delighted customers.

Of course, we also sell the Danish Stove brand, Jydepejsen. These stoves have over 14 different models available and each of those offer variations. They are easy to use and are stylish in design. In addition, Jydepejsen stoves have low particle emissions which have less impact on the environment.

Jydepejsen stoves have a combustion chamber that can tolerate extreme heat of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. All Jydepejsen stoves are insulated, which allows the stove to manage the heat in the most efficient way.

Fantastic New Stove Lines

We have incorporated two Charlton and Jenrick Stoves into the range that we sell. The Purevision and Fireline Stoves are fantastic additions to our stock.

The Fireline range offers a wide variety of multi-fuel stoves. Key features include a 5mm and 10mm thick laser profiled and seam-welded steel construction for strength and long life, draught-controlled tertiary air systems, plus many more unique benefits. All freestanding stoves fitted also come with solid fuel burning kits as standard.

The Purevision HD range adds a further six stove models. Three freestanding and three inset with stand and log store options available for the freestanding versions and three or four sided trims for the insets. Purevision stoves, which are designed for the differing tastes and preferences customers.


In addition to all these fantastic stoves, we have added a selection of models from OER stoves.

Why not pay a visit to our showroom in New Mills where our friendly team will be happy to help you choose the right stove for your needs.

Summer Stove Sale

Is Summer the best time to buy a stove?

It’s that time of year again, the sun is shining and you are spending your days in the garden. You are eating BBQ and basking in the heat, so why on earth would you think of buying a new stove?

Buying a stove ‘out of season’ is always going to be cheaper than when they are in high demand.

Summer Stove Sale

Summer is actually the best time to buy a stove and here’s why:

  • You will find it much easier to find and book a good stove fitter.
    A little forward planning will afford you the luxury of being able to arrange your initial fitment visit and installation, at a time and day that suits you. Believe me, this can be a real challenge in the Autumn!
  • Here at The Fireplace, we have a team of experienced and highly skilled, HETAS registered fitters. Our fitters work within a 25-mile radius of our New Mills based showroom, covering Manchester, Stockport, Didsbury, High Peak and beyond.
  • You will have more time to get your room ‘Stove ready’If you are a first-time stove buyer, you may need to make some alterations to your home in order to house your new stove. Such as fitting a flue, building a false chimney breast or preparing a wall for an inset stove.
  • It is important that you get the right advice from a fully qualified and HETAS registered fitter. They will ensure that your plans include everything needed to be sure your stove is safe and fit for use.
  • You can save yourself up to 20% on your new stove.
    There are some fantastic discounts to be had at this time of year. So why wait?

With our Summer sale in full swing, you can save yourself up to 20% on a new stove and even more on our unused, ex-display models.

We have a fantastic fully stocked showroom with top brands such as; Clearview, Fireline, Charnwood and Dunsley Heat to name a few.

Call us now on 01663 749700

Call into our showroom at:
The Old Bakery, 55-59 Albion Rd, New Mills, High Peak SK22 3EX.
Our stove specialists are on hand to help you.

Purevision – Quality Modern Stoves

Which style of stove would suit my room?

There are so many stoves on the market, that choosing the right one for your home can be a challenge. Not only do you have to consider the cost, size and output of a stove, you really have to think about the ‘look’ that you are going for. Room design and style are the key choices that you must first make. Are you aiming for a minimalistic look or sticking to the more traditional approach?

Fortunately, the current trend in interior design, is to mix traditional and modern together. So, choosing a beautifully ornate stove to go in a very modern room, would not look out of place. In fact, the traditional stoves, such as as those available in the Charnwood range, can bring a room together by offering a very striking focal point.

If it is the more modern look that you are trying to achieve, then you should definitely consider the Purevision range from Charlton & Jenrick. These premium stoves are more on the ‘modern’ side.They are sleek and sophisticated, with very clean lines. The Purevision range offers 6 options (and prices) to choose from, so you really can’t go wrong.

The Purevision range

PV5 multi-fuel stove:

This is the most compact stove in the range, with a 5kW output. Once lit, this stove feels anything but small, as it boasts a large glass window, giving the whole room a very ambient feel.

PV5i multi-fuel stove:

The inset version of the PV5 allows you the same stylish and elegant look, with the large glass window and all of the same features, but maybe be a better option for smaller rooms as it sits neatly in the wall.

PV5W multi-fuel stove:

A beautiful, panoramic stove, which again, shares the same features as the PV5, but has a wider capacity, which allows for longer logs.

PV5iW multi-fuel stove:

This stove is the larger version of the PV5i, but offers a larger window and fuel chamber, allowing you to increase the fuel load, which will provide you with a longer burn. This stove will heat a larger room more effectively than the smaller version.

PV85 multi-fuel stove:

This beautiful stove is perfect for the larger living space. It is the largest stove in the Purevision range and provides a bigger fuel capacity and increased heat capacity.

PV85i multi-fuel stove:

The inset version of the PV85i is absolutely stunning.

This large stove would definitely be the focal point in any room, either inset in the wall or sat in a fireplace.

All Charlton & Jenrick Purevision Stoves come with a 12 year extended stove parts warranty.

To find out more about the Purevision stoves from Charlton & Jenrick Stoves
contact Kevin Robinson at The Fire Place. We are easily accessible to everyone in the Peak District, Cheshire and South Yorkshire.

Jydepejsen Stoves – a Warm Front

Jydepesjsen Stoves are perfect If you are looking for a Wood burning stove to warm your home this year then look no further than “The Fireplace at New Mills, Derbyshire. We have a wide range of the beautifulDanish Jydepejsen Stove range available to buy right now.

Jydepejsen manufacture a comprehensive range of stoves. Their range contains tall, elegant raised burners, lower traditional stoves to inset stoves with large glass doors. Some Jydepejsen stoves are available in a range of finishes and with variable size models and additional components such as wood stores.

There is no doubt that Jydepejsen Stoves are amongst the most elegant looking stoves on the market. These stoves fit beautifully with contemporary homes, whilst also providing a selection that wouldn’t look out of place in a more traditional setting.


Easy to Use Stoves

Why Choose Jydepejsen Stoves?

Jydepejsen stoves truly simple to use and are elegant in design. What’s more, these Stoves have low molecule carbon emissions which have less effect on the environment. These stoves have a burning chamber that can endure compelling warmth of up to 1100 degrees Celsius. All Jydepejsen stoves are fully insulated, which permits the stove to deal with the warmth in the most productive way.

Jydepejsen stoves pull natural air from outside your home to guarantee that the stove is constantly refreshed with Oxygen. At the point when the principle air admission diminishes, the Stoves will burn the gasses discharged by the flaming logs.

If you are searching for a quality woodburning stove, why not come take a look at our  Stoves in the showroom, in New Mills, near Manchester, Sheffield and the Derbyshire Peak District. Speak to Kevin cor George and they will be more than happy to help you out.  We have live Jydepejsen woodburning stoves, and can help you to choose the right stove to suit your home.

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Purevision PV5i Stove

Here at The Fireplace New Mills, we are proud to stock the Purevision range by Charlton & Jenrick The inset model of the Charlton & Jenrick PV5 shares identical visual and performance features of the PV5. Meaning you get the same window size, performance and features as you would with the freestanding model.

Purevision PV5i Stove Features

• The Purevision PV5i has a clean aesthetic design that enables the stove to blend seamlessly with traditional
or modern room and fireplace designs.

• Unique air control system that provides automatic air distribution from a simple
single-lever burning control.

• Powerful airwash that assists the clean burning of the stove in producing the
High Definition (HD) flame picture.

• DEFRA exemption for burning wood logs in smokeless zones.

• Full multi-fuel capacity as standard.

• Identical door design to the freestanding version.

Essential Purevision PV5i Stove Specs

Height 600mm
Width 454mm
Depth 425mm
Weight 91KG

Top and rear flue 5″
Fuel -wood & solid fuel
Output Nominal 5kw range 3.1 – 6kw
Efficiency 80.2%
Finish graphite grey
Log length 300mm